Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Christmas Banner

Hi All,
I promised to show you how to make my Christmas banner.
I will admit it was very easy and very inexpensive (cheap).
While shopping at Walgreen a couple of weeks ago for some new ornaments to finish decorating the Christmas tree I found these darling wooden, rustic and woody ornaments for $1.00 dollar each.
Yes, I know they are so cute... Is that why I bought all they had left? Yes ♥
How simple! 
* one long piece of jute twine
* small clothes pins from craft store
* pin on ornaments
~Ta Da~

I tied the twine to the two stocking holders 
and I was done...The red cardinal and the reindeer with a red star spells Christmas to me. 

I bought a couple more ornaments and I will show you how I used them soon.
Thanks for visiting and please come  back soon.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rustic and Woodsy Mantel

Hello everyone,
This December has flown by...The living room mantel has been decorated for a week, This year the mantel is completely different from 2013.  The glitzy wreath on my sidebar is last year's mantel decor.  This year I am enjoying my rustic and woodsy look.
Plaid ribbon, pine cones and berries decorate this year's wreath.
I have been collecting Christmas Trees and deer for awhile. On the mantel I have two hurricanes with my mother's silver candle sticks and red candles. The red and green woodsy look is very traditional. My living room is rustic looking especially now with my new brown sofa. This year I also wanted to make a Christmas banner to hang on the fireplace. I have another post to give a close-up view and tutorial on the process to make my Christmas banner.

My Christmas Wreath is pre-lit and this photo the lights are not plugged in and the greenery across the mantel has pre-lit lights also.

The trees are in different sizes and some trees are glass and some are gold mercury glass.  Pine cones are scattered on the mantel and gold glittery deer are prancing in the greenery.

I turn the lights on the mantel and the Christmas tree every morning as soon as I get out of bed. I enjoying looking at the lights all during the month of December. I keep the Christmas tree up until the 6th of January and thank goodness I have an artificial tree and wreath...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Lights on
Lights off
Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner. I have been blogging for 5 years on Christmas Day...Over the past 5 years my Christmas mantels have changed so much. Check out the past Christmas mantels
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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Card Tradition

Hello everyone, I hope you had an eventful weekend. I've been so busy cross stitching a new kneeler for the dedication yesterday, I haven't posted in awhile...Yesterday after church sweetheart and I attended our granddaughter's piano recital in the late afternoon, singing Christmas carols and enjoying some very talented young people. After the recital we took our daughter out to dinner and some quality time with our only daughter. 
I have finished decorating the tree and mantel. I have a few table tops decorated and the kitchen is finished. Last week I finished writing my Christmas cards and I wanted to share some of the history of the Christmas Card with you all. I love sending Christmas Cards. I know stamps are expensive, but a card and a stamp is a small price to pay to give a small gift to someone I haven't connected with all year. 
I bought a box of 32 cards at Walmart for $2.97 The box has several different cards and...I love the variety.
How did it all begin? 
The History of the Christmas Card
A relatively recent phenomenon, the sending of commercially printed Christmas cards originated in London in 1843. (Now I know why I send cards-being English you know)
Previously, people had exchanged handwritten festive greetings. First in person, then via post. 
John Calcott Horsley, a respected illustrator of the day, was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, a wealthy British businessman. Cole wanted a card he could proudly send to friends and professional acquaintances to wish them a "merry Christmas".
The first Christmas card's inscription read:"merry Christmas and a happy new year to you". Merry was then a spiritual word meaning "blessed" as in "merry old England".
Early British cards rarely showed winter or religious themes, instead favoring flowers, fairies and other fanciful designs that reminded the recipient of the approach of spring, Humorous and sentimental images of children and animals were popular. as were increasingly elaborate shapes, decorations. and materials.
From the beginning,Christmas cards have been avidly collected, Queen Mary amassed a large collection that is now housed in The British Museum. 
Of the original one thousand cards produced for Henry Cole, twelve exist today in private collections; in December 2005, one of these designs was auctioned for nearly £9000.
Wow!!! The Christmas Card has come along way baby. LOL.
Thanks for visiting and I hope you have enjoyed my little history lesson. I will be back soon with some Christmas photos of
 "My Cozy Corner"
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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to Decorate a Tree

Hello everyone,
After 54 years decorating a tree I had an aha moment. I've struggled with decorating our Christmas tree forever. For years we had fresh trees and then in 1990 I bought my first artificial tree. They were so expensive then. We started out with a 7 foot tree with a theme. I gave my old vintage ornaments to my daughter and started to collect angels for the new tree. Over the past 24 years I've purchased other artificial trees which were pre lit, but last year after buying extra strings of lights for years for the old pre lit tree I finally bought a new pre lit Christmas tree. HERE. Last Saturday I opened the Christmas tree box and had the tree standing ready to decorate in 30 minutes. Bingo the lights were on and shining brightly.
 Now for some suggestions on
"How to Decorate the Tree"

Stringing Lights
*100 lights for every foot of tree, use more if your tree is fuller than average. Give the tree more sparkle and use 150 lights per foot.
*Test light strands before stringing. White lights create a bright backdrop and draw attention to ornaments. Mixed colors create a festive tree.
* Create depth by lining tree branches with lights instead of draping them on the tree. Start at the base and work up. Weave lights along larger branches.
Wrapping Garland
My garland dilemma. This was my aha moment: The garland was always the last thing I put on my tree. But this year I followed these simple directions on how to decorate the tree and the Job or Joy went quickly.
*Place garland on the tree after the lights, but before the ornaments.  Start from the top, and work down and around the tree in circles.
*Garland can be strings of tinsel, beads, banners, bells, ribbon or natural materials such as strung popcorn, pinecones or cranberries.
*Let beaded garland droop from branch to branch creating a swag look...I used beads and I love the swag look.
*For a wintery twist, layer glass icicles and faux snow on branches.
Hanging Ornaments
*Hang ornaments at the ends of branches and inside the tree to give it depth.
*In addition to traditional ornaments, cars lanterns, ribbons, frames and bell are also unique decorating ideas. Natural elements such as dried flowers, nests, feathers and pinecones also add an inspired touch.

*Very the sizes and shapes of ornaments as you hang them. Start with the largest-layering them evenly throughout the tree, then continue on with increasingly smaller ornaments.

*Add filler ornaments by placing solid colors and basic shapes at the of the tree and work down in a zig-zag pattern.
*Place the tree topper after all ornaments have been hung. Traditional toppers include stars and angels, but consider unexpected toppers such as a cluster of themed ornaments, a toy, a santa hat or a largest statement piece.

*Drape a tree skirt around the tree stand for a final, finished look.
I have a few more ornaments to hang on the tree. What a joy to have a Christmas tree all decked out the first week of December.
Hope you are making progress with decorating your tree and I hope this tutorial will help you have a joyous time decorating the tree.

TIP: Ornaments aren't just for trees-display them in vessels for a festive moment in any room.
TIP: Spread the holiday cheer by placing an additional tree in the den, family room or kitchen.
Thanks for visiting today
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Monday, December 1, 2014

Old Wreath♥New Year

Hello everyone,
Today is December 1st... Wow! I started to decorate this weekend and my front porch was the first place to adored the Holiday decor. This year I decided to reuse my wreath from 2013 because it has such a wonderful memory of our trip to visit Disneyland at Christmas. HERE 
Jingle Bells
Big Red Bow

Music? Of course. Horns are blowing to celebrate the happy season.
Red and Green ornaments are definitely in order for my favorite wreath this season.
Our door is tucked in a corner of the front porch, so all the decorative wreaths are hung on the brick wall facing the street. Our English Country porch light adds character to the old used brick.
Oh my goodness, it's getting chilly outside. Let's go inside and tomorrow I'll show you how I decorated my tree this year. 
Happy, happy, happy...Thanks for visiting today.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lavender for Holiday Gifts

Hello everyone,
Gather your shopping bags it's almost Black Friday and we're all looking for the perfect gift to give family and friends this Holiday.  This year I made some handmade gifts from the lavender I grew in my garden this summer.  
Lavender sachets, lavender bath salts and bouquets of 16 inch lavender stems. (50 stems per bouquet) I have plenty of lavender left over to make soap and candles when the busy Christmas season is over.

Lavender Bath Salts♥
homemade bath salts and silver plate spoons from the thrift store. The bath salts are in a net bag with three sprigs of lavender tied on top...with a lavender ribbon. 

Lavender sachets are packaged in sheer net bags and linen bags. 
A lavender iron on transfer is used to decorate the linen bags and tea towels.

Have a great weekend and I will back soon to share with you my holiday decorations.

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